Military BibleSticks were originally developed by the ministry Faith Comes By Hearing, which specializes in recording and providing God’s Word in audio for unreached people groups who cannot read or access a printed Bible in their language …


Over the years, Military chaplains alerted us that our service men and women could also be considered “unreached” by God’s Word — not from a lack of Bibles or literacy, but because the conditions made it extremely difficult to read and concentrate … at just the time when the comfort and encouragement of God’s promises was most desperately needed.


In response we developed the Military BibleStick with the Audio New Testament and selected Psalms loaded on a small digital player, specifically designed for military use.


It was instantly in demand far greater than we could keep up with — and as of this moment, chaplains have delivered the Military BibleStick to more than half a million U.S. Troops worldwide.


But demand still far outstrips supply with chaplains and Troops in every branch of the Military pleading with us for more Military BibleSticks.


Military service is dangerous — not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. Many servicemen and women come home with “mental shrapnel.”


  • 400,000 have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


  • 22 commit suicide every day


We must help them before the battlefield takes its awful toll. God’s Word offers peace, comfort, strength, balance — real help and real hope. This is why we’re dedicated to providing Military BibleSticks, real hope for our heroes.