Communion is the bond uniting Christians as individuals and groups with each other and with Jesus Christ. Therefore the frequency is not so important as the reason for taking Communion.


It is important as a corporate reminder of what Jesus has done for us on the cross but it is not a means to Salvation. Communion does not make us and keep us Christians. That is Gods work through Christ and by the Holy Spirit.


My belief is that we must observe it often enough to make it a vital part of our ongoing worship services, but not so often that it becomes merely ritual. Too often can demean the value of it's meaning, and observing it so seldom can cause us to forget what it is all about.


If we neglect to observe the Lord’s Supper we are in direct disobedience to Christ. His command to us is “do this, AS OFTEN as you do it, in remembrance of me”. 


With this being said, Covenant Ministry provides Communion upon request. But the Communion Ceremony is always included in observance of the Lord's Supper and the biblical representation of Communion. Usually this service is added in conjunction to another requested service.