Isaiah 66:13A, As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you



Covenant Ministry was founded in the belief that communities must learn to help themselves. This ministry is founded on the following five pillars of faith:

  • A duty to reach out to the less fortunate

  • An obligation to lead by example

  • An all-inclusive approach: We help everyone regardless of their religious beliefs

  • Acceptance of the fact that we, too, may someday require assistance in our time of need

  • The path to salvation lies in volunteering

The Chaplain Service that Covenant Ministry concentrates on  the main responsibility of tending to the spiritual and emotional needs of His great love to those who have been victims of tragedies and those seeking the comfort that only the Lord can provide.


As a Chaplain I reach out to victims who bear the marks of pain: the dispossessed, lonely, alienated, unwanted, rejected, abused and discriminated against, etc..., to serve them and to enable them to grow.



Some situations that may call upon a Chaplain:


• Death of a person,

• Suicide and suicide prevention needs,

• Rape and other acts of sexual assault,

• Accidents with severe injuries or death,

• Homicide,

• Natural or man made Disasters

• Cases involving Child abuse,

• Family disturbances,

• Mental illness,

• Law enforcement officer request


 Some of the things that a Chaplain provides are:


• Quality counseling to victims of crime and their families,

• Post-incident follow-up and support to victims and their families

• An avenue for Police Officer feedback and support,

• Witness and victim services and referrals,

• Help with the physical needs beyond the realm of normal Law Enforcement

agency activities, Referrals to many areas of expert help,

• Improved community relations,

• Available 24 hours per day,


Additional Chaplain Services:


• Counseling due to any death including suicide, accident, murder, natural causes

and delivery of death notifications.

• Family Crisis Events

• Sex Crime Incidents

• Counseling Victim/Witness who have been traumatized by any type of crime

• Any type of Public Assistance

• Support Victim/Witness Services

• Respond to Suicide Attempts

• Respond for General Counseling Needs

• Counsel Police Officers & Military personel and their familes

• Help With Funeral Arrangements

• Investigate Religious Fraud

• Respond to Juvenile Disturbances

• Respond/Follow-Up Youth Gang Disturbances

• Respond to Racial Tension Problems

• Respond to Neighborhood Problems

• Make Referrals to other services, agencies, clergy

• Perform Ceremonial Functions as requested.


Chaplaincy Crisis Intervention; is the combination of faith-based resources with traditional techniques of crisis intervention. Pastoral Crisis Intervention represents a powerful addition to community and organizational support resources. Pastoral interventions and Chaplaincy crisis interventions may be effectively integrated.